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Evergreen Massage offers a safe space for all women to receive therapeutic massage and energy work. We do not offer deep tissue massage. We listen to you and your body. Our focus is to direct your body and mind to its balanced state by using subtle and grounding touch. We believe in our inner wisdom to heal ourselves. We always incorporate energy work with massage session to balance both physical and mental well-being.

We are committed to supporting women's body, mind, and overall wellness. 

Evergreen SignatureMassage for Women

$125 - 75 Mins. 

We focus on women's well-being by customizing a unique blend of massage technique such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Myofascial release massage, and Reiki.

Evergreen Signature Reiki 

for Women

          $100- 60 Mins. 

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. It is a gentle method of hands on healing that taps into the energy. Reiki addresses energy imbalances to support women's health and well-being. We combine Reiki with aromatherapy to enhance the effect of Reiki. 

Feet and Legs Rejuvenation 

for Women

         $100 - 60 Min​s. 

Combination of foot and lower leg massage and Reiki for relaxation and addressing women's issues such as PMS, menopause, migraines, and such.

Always th​e Perfect Gift

Evergre​en Massage gif​t certificates are the perfect gift for this Holiday Season. 

Click below to give the gift of love and appreciation.


Our Second Location!

We have opened our second location in Beaverton. 

​Please check out Living Well House!


“Claire is an incredibly gifted healer. The instant peace I feel when she places her hands on me is unparalleled. Sessions include both therapeutic massage and profoundly healing energy work. I have come into sessions feeling physically and emotionally worn out and in my time with Claire I feel replenished and restored. I’m so grateful for how attentive and nurturing she is, and how she goes above and beyond to help me heal. I highly recommend Claire to anyone looking for a massage therapist, Reiki Master, and sound healer because she’s just so magical!”

~ Jenelle, Portland ~

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