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Who We Are

Evergreen Massage is a massage clinic that specializes in caring for women. We are committed to supporting women's body, mind, and spirit. Our experienced, licensed practitioners offer compassionate, individualized care with massage, Reiki, and aromatherapy.

O​ur Therapist

Claire has 10 years of experience as a massage therapist, and her practice is deeply rooted in how the mind and body work together. Having felt limited by only addressing physical issues of clients, she began to explore modalities for integrating the mind and body. She specializes in working with women’s health issues including hormone-related conditions such as PMS, menopause, headaches, and much more. Starting with her 2010 degree from East West College of the Healing Arts in massage and continuing through training in reflexology, Reiki, and Yomassage, Claire is always expanding her ability to address clients’ needs through:⁣ •Traditional massage⁣ ⁣ •Foot reflexology⁣ ⁣ •Reiki: a gentle method of hands-on healing that taps into an individual’s energy⁣ ⁣ •Yomassage: a modality that consists of therapeutic touch in a group environment in which fully-clothed patients relax in restorative positions and practice mindfulness.⁣ ⁣

In addition to providing massage through Evergreen Massage, Claire is a homeschool mom to two teenage boys. She enjoys practicing daily yoga and meditation, learning about healthy diet principles, and cooking vegetarian meals with her family. Claire also has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Portland State University with certificates in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (TJFL) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TESL). ⁣ ⁣ 

Massage & Reiki

Claire's approach to massage therapy has always been the gentle one. She never fights with muscle tension nor digs into muscle knots but rather listens to the body and try redirecting the tension away by applying slow and steady pressure to the affected area.  She understands pain affects not only physically but emotionally. By combining energy work and essential oils, Claire helps bringing balance to one's whole-being.       

Healing Space

Evergreen Massage has moved! We are in South Tabor now. 

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